So you've taken the leap of a true individual and own a badass timeless piece from Bad Luck Leather. So now what? How do I care for this magnificent piece?


Leather products are very popular due to their majestic look and durability. With proper maintenance, they are extremely durable and long-lasting.  It is really important to care and maintain our leather to extend its life life.

  1. Empty out your wallet. Pull anything and everything that isn't attached to your wallet out and set it aside. Especially your pictures (you can leave the one of your ex in there) as they are easily damaged
  2. Rub down your leather wallet with leather cleaner with a soft cloth. Make sure to scrub the folds and cracks of your wallet the best that you can.
  3. Apply a leather conditioner using the same cloth on the wallet liberally in order to soak the leather. This will help rejuvenate and condition the old worn leather.
  4. Obviously wait till its dry and put your goods back in your wallet.


Remember all products purchased through Bad Luck Leather come with a complimentary leather cleaning and conditioning. We highly recommend cleaning and conditioning your leather at least once a year. Pay the price of shipping and we will keep your baby lookin as good as the day she was born! You can get a conditioning started by contacting us and inquiring about the service.