Recommended Leather Care


General Cleaning

If any of your leather products gets muddy, or spilled on, clean it off with a damp sponge and a dab of mild detergent, saddle soap or (for indigo especially) mink oil, working in small circles. Just remember to treat the leather once it's dry.


All leather requires a bit of maintenance. Luckily, normal leather care is simple—a coat of your preferred dressing every 6 months to a year. Remember, leather is a natural material, and it can mold, scuff easily, crack or be ruined by moisture if not cared for. There's a slew of products you can use, but these are some of my favorites and the most popular:

Pure Mink Oil
My favorite oil, and what I use on my personal goods before a coat of Obenauf's. Rendered from mink fat, this creme or liquid gives the leather a deep reddish tone and darkens the leather to an almost burnt carmel color (a medium coloring). Commercial mink oils like Kiwi's, however, are usually mixed with waxes that waterproof. This is good with dyed leathers as it won't affect the color as much, and it is readily available.

Neatsfoot Oil
Coming from the shin bones and feet of cattle, this oil is used on saddles and baseball gloves. It gives the leather a softer yellow tone, and darkens to a light/medium brown. It also softens and can potentially darken any sort of leather. Make sure you use 100% pure Neatsfoot oil, as synthetics can break down the leather faster than normal.

Pecard Leather Dressing
Similar to Obenauf's, this is a well-respected leather dressing suitable for yearly or biyearly leather maintenance.